PhoToHy (White Hydrogen Photocatalysis Power)

Call: MISIONES PYMES 2021, Project Nr MIP-20211023

Duration: 01/11/2021-31/12/2023

Consortium members:

  • USC and NANOG as subcontractors

More info:

PhoToHy aims to transform the hydrogen economy by developing a new generation technology through photocatalysis, modular, off grid and with high efficiency and drastic cost reduction compared to existing solutions.

The central objective of the PhoToHy project is the research, development and validation of a disruptive 100% clean hydrogen production system through a photocatalysis process based on innovative Solar Thermal Concentration (CST) technologies and AQCs (Atomic Quantum Clusters), subnanometric particles. that act as photocatalysts with efficiencies never before achieved, with the potential to exceed 60%. This new technology promises a drastic reduction in the cost of renewable hydrogen generation, to ~$1/kg.