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Delivering the low cost renewable hydrogen revolution


1-3$/Kg depending on plant size

Our technology is synonymous with disruption and has come to change the energy industry, allowing low-cost hydrogen production.


100% renewable hydrogen

Obtaining hydrogen under the Hyloop system uses water as the starting element, guaranteeing an inexhaustible renewable source of energy.


Off grid

hysun technology enables energy harvesting for off-grid use, offering an unprecedented competitive advantage.

hysun · Energy highlights

hysun M-M/CST solution can produce 100% renewable hydrogen: hysun only uses water and sun energy with 0% CO2 emissions.

hysun M-M/CST plants produce hydrogen efficiently offgrid and without the need of electricity: hysun has a photo-thermo catalytic process that only needs the energy of the sun.

hysun M-M/CST photoreactor can reach over 56% STH (Solar To Hydrogen) efficiency: this is possible due to the amazing performance of the catalyst made with the unique M-M.

hysun M-M/CST hydrogen can reach $1-$3/Kg: $3/kg for 45t of H2/year and $1/kg for 9000t of H2/year.

M-M/CST: Metal Molecules with Concentration Solar Technology.
CST: Concentrarion Solar Technology


Our technology uses water vapor at mild temperature producing on a first step pure O2 and in a second step pure H2; this process doesn’t require separation technology of the gasses; the light and thermal energy is 100% renewable through CST.


The technology allows the design of a modular system that provides H2 in plants from 45t/year up to 9000t/year with a small footprint due to the high efficiency of the process; the technology allows an easy integration with most of industries.

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